Went to the galleria to get my new Warby Parker glasses adjusted. Stopped by Mendocino Farms on the way home, and had the best sandwich I have had in years. Looking forward to the Folsom store opening soon. 

The afternoon was spent reviewing research articles and my dissertation outline. More like fretting about it. Specifically, worrying that I am woefully behind schedule. Maybe I need a dissertation coach. Sandwiches are a nice distraction. 


Moved my desk out of the front room. There was a full size bed in there previously. Maybe a change of view will motivate me to finish my dissertation. 


Active voice: I love your writing.       

Passive voice: Your writing is loved.   

Passive-aggressive voice: I love how you think you can accomplish all your writing goals this spring.     

Aggressive-aggressive voice: How's your writing going so far this spring?