Somehow, I think I hosed the order of these #daily posts. With 365 in total it was bound to happen. I even created a spreadsheet to track and label the order of the posts. Still, I think it has been a success. Unlike my dissertation, I have stuck with it. I played catch-up a few times because I was just too damn tired to create a post. But, it has taught me a few things. Namely, perseverance and stamina. Now, if I could only carry that over to my doctoral program...

Words are hard to describe, but numbers are not. 


Seeing this print from House Industries makes me miss printing. I did treat myself to a bundle of prints for Christmas. And, I’ll be buckling down on that dissertation so I can get back to printing this time next year. 


A relaxing Saturday. I should be working on my dissertation but I just need time to reflect. Seeing Scott made me realize, on a selfish level, that life is too short.