it probably could get worse

I say this to myself a lot. 

I especially say this to myself when things get hectic. For example, when I think about the progress I have made on my dissertation and research, I think it could get worse. Here I am in mid-November and I am still polishing the first chapter (Introduction) while diving into the second chapter (literature review). 

And, I wonder how I am going to finish by May. So, ya...

It probably could get worse  

Is it a pessimistic perspective? Perhaps. 

Is it a coping mechanism? Maybe. 

Is it a declarative statement that always holds true? Not necessarily. 

Maybe it is simply a reminder that things could go the other way, too. It probably could get better


This is where I will spend countless hours over the next few months...working through a mix of digital and analog resources, to cobble a dissertation worthy of acceptance. 

As I get closer to completion, I realize that the reward is no simply the doctoral degree, but the knowledge gained along the way. While that sentiment about knowledge gained may sound like a cheesy inspirational poster, it does resonate with me.  

It has taken a lot of work to get to this point. And, it will require much more work to see it through. 

"Get to work."