Tended to my succulents today, among other things. Also visited with the folks and made sure their iPhones were no longer sending SOS Emergency updates. Drove downtown to pick up some candies. Worked on the dissertation for a few hours. I felt productive today. But, I’m really happy to see that this little succulent from Trader Joe’s has grown tremendously over the last few months (after and before pics attached) 


Friday photo dump

Awoke at 4:30am to head to the airport. Took the day off work because I didn’t want to suffer with a lack of sleep. Instead, I tortured myself with dissertation writing. And, my mind is numb at this point in the afternoon. So, here are some photos from earlier this week. 


Teaching as educational, and what it means to be a teacher as an educator, is disappearing from the schooling landscape and instead being replaced by notions of outcomes, data and evidence void of context – without an educational telos, ‘a sense of purpose'