Departed Long Beach early this morning. Stopped once at Tejon Ranch for gas and once again at Coalinga/Avenal Rest Area. That place was a dump, but northbound I-5 got worse from there. Miles on the interstate were choked down to one-lane for pothole repair. Upside: the Lexus handled superbly. Also, it needs the bugs scraped off the grill. 


Drove from Folsom to Long Beach this morning. Google Maps and Waze said it was a 6.75 hour drive, without stops. Took me about 8 hours, with two stops. One for a restroom break and one for lunch and gas.  

Drove past a fatality heading north on 99 just outside the old Castle AFB. Motorcyclist laid out in Lane 1, covered with a tarp. Listened to podcasts about AI, LLMs, and ChatGPT4 and now I’m terribly concerned for the future. At least the Lexus handled well, and the drive was pretty. 


The view from the dash of the Lexus on my morning commute. On the left is what used to be known as Dyke 8.