I did it. I posted here every day for 365 days. Sometimes, I played catch-up because I neglected my goals. But, isn’t that how it always works? Set a goal. Adjust. Restart. 

This daily blog post exercise did teach me a few things: 1) don’t give up, 2) consistency matters, and 3) self-reflection. I don’t think I’ll have a go at posting daily in 2024, but I’ll certainly be more consistent. 

Happy New Year! 


Scenes from today’s travels around the lake. Took Lulu to the new groomer in Roseville. It’s been a lazy day, and it’s going to be an early night. Might even be an early night tomorrow, the last night of 2023. 


Shopped at Walmart then Trader Joe’s. Got some plants at TJ’s. Rain overnight. I feel like I’m in a fog, because I’ve had a drink every night for over a week. Ugh.