It’s been a while since I had some wine. No wine since Christmas, as I’ve been trying to cut sugars out of my diet. I didn’t do “dry January” or cut out alcohol altogether. Instead, I’ve moderated my alcohol consumption considerably since the holidays. 

Over the last four months, I've lost almost 10lbs and I sleep much better than I have in the past. Maybe I should try going sober. From everything I have read, and from the stories friends have told me, cutting alcohol consumption entirely can be life-changing. Meanwhile, I'll let that idea of participating in a long-term cleanse ferment for a while. 


Fat Rabbit then Williamette Wineworks 

Met Tony and Cia. A nice night. 


Spent the morning bottling old vine zinfandel with my Dad. Much needed break from the books.

A little “reset” before it’s back studying. Kinda like the wine, I think I might be suffering from bottle shock. 

Upside: "bottle shock" is a temporary condition. Most oenophiles will tell you that "bottle shock" is a slight disruption characterized by muted or disjointed flavors.  

It typically occurs after wine transfers, filtration, bottling, and sometimes during transport. 

The cure? Let it rest for a few days. Let it settle...