I have (finally) managed to form a dissertation committee for my doctoral program. I have my chairperson, methodologist, and my reader, as of yesterday. Summer session ends on August 26 and Fall session begins August 29. So, if the goal is to complete and defend my dissertation within one year (i.e., earn my diploma), that means I have only two semesters to get shit done. No pressure, right? 

I did manage to sneak away to Lake Tahoe earlier this month. It’s nice to occasionally forget one’s adult responsibilities, and the existential dread that accompanies it. So, here’s some pictures I took. 

Rodeo Beach

Escaped the valley heat. Drive to Marin Headlands and had a picnic on the beach. Got a little sunburned and spent 4 hours driving home due to wrecks on I-80. Totally worth it. 


This summer I’ve been sorting. Sorting a lot of things: assignments for my terminal degree, schedules and timelines, clothing for donations, items in the garage. 

Yesterday, I had a few minutes to sort my type cabinets. Technically, the individual drawers are known as job cases. Although, I realized that I had not sorted them properly since moving my work shop & letterpress printing equipment last April. All 48 drawers were stacked in the garage and then reinserted into the cabinet in no particular order. "I'll sort it later," I told myself. 

Over a year has passed, and I am still sorting. Only, my sorting logistics seemed to be constantly shuffled this past year. C will be moving out mid August to attend University of Nevada Reno. I report to the school district August 9 for the 2021-2022 contract. And, I am continuing to pursue my doctoral degree (approximately one year til completion!).

While sorting this out, I realize that I also need to sort this add additional classes, topics of research, and published papers. For now, I've got a solid to-do list going on my notepad app. I'll get it sorted soon. 

*image of 48pt titling sorts