Random thoughts & notes

The future of data for education, or any future in fact, is not simply happening but instead something that is made. And, it's made through expectations, imaginaries, visions, and hopes that arise through discussion.    

Future research          

  • Possibilities for opening up uncertainty and agency within data practices - engaging with the contradictions and multiplicities inherent in data practices    
  • Following the data assemblage further - families/homes, neighborhoods/regions, dispersed media landscapes, international policy-making, media discourses      
  • Role of emerging layers of data intermediaries and entrepreneurs - "data tamers"     

Surveillance capitalism unilaterally claims human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioral data (Zuboff). 

Data as currency: It is still very early days in this data-as-currency world, but it is an absolutely one-sided trade. The buyers at this point are amassing, assessing, consolidating data, and then using it.   

On “data exhaust”: You know that you’re throwing off data everywhere you go. But do you know what’s happening to it? Do you know how it’s being monetized? Whom it’s being sold to? Did you know that there is a social map of you and your family and your friends and the places you go? I heard of an amazing story of a certain social platform that could tell just from phone locations whether people were having an affair — because their phones were technically too close to each other! So a lot of data is being thrown off and if people truly knew (a) the value of it, and (b) the implications, they’d maybe be a little more careful (Barratt).    

Personal data is generated through people’s use of digital platforms and devices, yet this very interpersonal and relational dimension to data does not appear in popular metaphors. What are the consequences of this?

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