Summer update: this is where I live now. 

Specifically, at that desk. Staring at a screen, and sometimes staring out the window. 


Fun fact! 42.74% of 2023 has now passed. July 2nd is when the year crosses the halfway threshold. Reminds me of that old MENSA test question: if a rabbit runs into the forest, how far does it get? Answer: halfway, then it begins running out of the forest. And, I think that is a perfect metaphor for my life right now. I feel as if I have been running into this year with no bearings, no map.

It will be interesting to hear what the "dissertation coach" has to offer. I have a zoom call with her tomorrow morning. Just in time for the spot on my forehead to swell to the size of a raspberry. The dermatologist zapped a few spots on my face with liquid nitrogen this morning. That'll be fun trying to explain all the big red spots on my face. Honestly, I don't care about appearances. I just want to get on the path out of the forest. 

In other happenings today, the weather is once again unseasonable. The clouds moved in overnight, and it sprinkled quite a bit this morning. And, it rained a bit this afternoon. Definitely not June weather for NorCal. 


Interesting day. Made a few phone calls and began to reacquaint myself with the dissertation. Reviewed some notes and annotations. Reviewed some articles that I had saved recently but did not have time to read. Then, I reached out to a dissertation coach, an independent advisor not on my current dissertation committee. 

Dad called well before lunch, and asked if I could come over to talk. It was a good talk. And, I'll spare the details but our talk helped me clarify a few things. The subject of finances came about, as it always does. I think this quote summarizes the conversation nicely. 

Wanting to be rich ... one day you’ll find yourself wanting to be rich. To be rich really means to be without need, so you have two choices: either accumulate significant wealth or learn to need very little. Or, like most of us, find a balance somewhere in-between.