Played with my fonts today. Thinking a lot about the introduction of AI into the classroom. The possibilities are endless, as are the outcomes. AI has the potential to, once again, change the way students and teachers learn. Its impact on pedagogy is a double-edge sword–a tool that’s sharp on both ends. And, I don’t think education has fully understood the impact of technology had on teaching and learning during the pandemic. 


Cinco de Mayo 

Also, the last day of teacher appreciation week. Rubio’s tacos for lunch, courtesy of the PTC. Honestly, I was more appreciative of the $40 Amazon gift card. 

And, I’m thinking about next year’s classes. The district is asking me to incorporate AI/ChatGPT into my classes. And, I keep thinking about this post (along with others) by Ben Williamson: 

AI in education should be treated critically and skeptically whatever the possible benefits. There is so far little evidence supporting the grand claims made for it. It's more an object of financial speculation, commercial expansion plans and, for some, reputational capital-building. So education research needs to find good ways of re-examining it, and sensible proposals for its regulation.