Really happy with the way my bottle collection is coming along. 
Currently, these bottles are grouped on top of the flat file in my office. And, by "office" I mean the bedroom that doubles as my nerdery, and printshop/workshop.  


Summer update: this is where I live now. 

Specifically, at that desk. Staring at a screen, and sometimes staring out the window. 

spring break

Spring Break 2019

This year feels different. Not sure why. Possible reasons include: 

  • missed LEAD3 this year 
  • finalized my application for an EdD program
  • sore muscles from the DIY project I started today

I really enjoyed LEAD3 symposium last year in San Francisco, and I was disappointed to miss this year's event in Universal City. Next year, I'm not sure if there will be any district funding to make it happen but I may just pay my own way. 

Now waiting to hear if I've been accepted into a doctorate degree program, and decided it was time to redesign the spare bedroom, make it into a real office. If I'm going to be working on an EdD for the next three years, I need a real workspace. 

Ripped out the carpet and padding today. New flooring tomorrow. Then, a trip to IKEA later this week.