This time last week, I was in La Quinta. Kinda missing that place, as I sit down to work on my dissertation for the better part of the day. 

"One day you’ll find yourself entering college. College is great, but don’t forget to eventually leave—higher education should prepare you for the world, not become it." 

I am trying to exit the program successfully. It's an uphill battle.

update: it's almost 4pm and time for a Los Altos cocktail 


This morning, I got a second bid for replacing the A/C unit in the house. First bid was $12k and the second bid came to $17k. Quite a difference in totals, but one company offers a better warranty. The existing unit will be 20 years old in September, so it will need replacing soon. Really hoping it can make it through one more summer. Although, the sales guys say, "Don't wait. Prices are only going up." I don't doubt that observation, but I also think that A/C installs in the winter might level off any price increases. 

I've been thinking about the dissertation coach plans. I'm not sure if I want Consulting or Coaching. There is also an option to join an academic writer's forum for $100 per month. Consulting is a minimum of $580 for four hours, billed by the half hour. Coaching is offered on a tiered plan, but would be approximately $400 per month. Coaching offers goals and check-ins, but does not offer the technical support for writing and editing. I am unsure what kind of help I need, honestly. At this stage, I don't think I need the writing support...I just need someone to hold me accountable. I need to do the hard work—I need to get cut to make the diamond. 


Looking at fonts again. Recently saw that someone riffed on a meme about Times New Roman, my second least favorite font. Comic Sans takes the prize for first. Although, Papyrus is a close second. Times New Bastard makes my left eyelid twitch. 

I think what I really need is a nice, crisp monospaced font. Might have to give Fragment Mono a try. It's "a monospaced coding version of Helvetica created by modifying and extending Nimbus Sans.