10 years ago on this day, I brought home this beauty. 2013 Jeep Sahara. Kept it almost nine years. 

This picture was taken at Itchy Acres, Granite Bay CA. I miss this Jeep, and that place. 


Got up early. Drove to the airport, then stopped at the dealership to get the oil changed in the Jeep. This 2023 Rubicon was in the showroom. Asking price was $85k. Not keen on the blue metallic color, but stunned at the price. 

Packing for a trip to Southern California, and driving the Lexus because it clocks a far better MPG average. 

afternoon addendum 

Picked up a gallon of paint for the garage door. Did some laundry. Cleaned a bit. Packed for tomorrow’s trip. Took the Lexus to Costco to top off the tank. Quite the windstorm and view looking East.