Is feedback the breakfast of champions? I've been thinking a lot about feedback lately: feedback I've received on work in my doctorate program, feedback from students and teachers I've worked with this past school year, feedback from my presentation at Spring CUE in March. There's a lot of feedback happening in my world these last few weeks.  

Feedback can certainly help one grow. It can also be detrimental if you let it. Maybe that is why I've given it so much time in my mind lately...I can't stop thinking about ways I can improve in those areas where I missed the mark. Thankfully, that has not been frequent and I'm not trending downwards. And, those positive comments boost my spirits. However, there are a few times when the ratings or the comment stings a bit. 

Questions I ask myself about feedback that is less than stellar: 

  • Where did I miss the mark? 
  • When did the wheels come off? 
  • How many other people felt the same way? 
  • How many decided to skip the feedback or give a biased rating? 
  • Why was I unable to meet the needs or requirements?
  • What can I do better next time?