What is datafication? And how does it affect education? 

These questions make me anxious. Mostly, because it is the driving theme behind my dissertation. With less than 100 days to go before the clock turns to 2024, I am still no closer to completing my research. At least, it feels like I'm treading water. 🫠


Back to the grind. Grinding out that dissertation, even if it kills me. And, I’m pretty sure it is. 🫠

*On a separate note, today marks the 20th anniversary of moving into my house. I understand that the other events that occurred this day in 2001 should never be forgotten. And, I cannot imagine the pain of those that lose their loved ones that day. On a personal level, I remember what unfolded that day and the days following.  


The Long Game

Every action is a step toward the short game or the long game. You can’t opt out, and you can’t play a long-term game in everything. You need to pick what matters to you. But in everything you do, time amplifies the difference between strategies that work in the short term and ones that work in the long term. The long game allows you to compound results. The longer you play, the bigger the rewards.

When you focus on the outcome, the gap between where you are and where you want to go seems large. To cover ground quickly, the tendency is to look for a hack or shortcut.

The problem is that no one who got the outcomes you wanted used a hack or shortcut to get them. Instead, they consistently inched forward.

Instead of focusing on the ultimate outcome, focus on the next move. There is always something you can do today to get a little better, to move a little closer, to put yourself in a better position. It's not pretty. It's not sexy. It's not fast. It doesn't even make for a good story. But it works.

You don't build an empire in a day. You build it brick by brick. Day by day.

Consistent daily progress for a long period of time.

–from some self-help email selling me their writing program