Purchased several square feet of medium grade river rock today, along with an A/C filter, two new spray nozzles, and a houseplant for the kitchen. Also, my back is sore. 

*included in this photo set is a picture of "steer manure" bags, because it literally is bullshit 

shelter in place

That’s the order from the California governor, and echoed by the federal government. I’m practicing physical distancing and wearing a face mask (bandana) when venturing out for essentials items. And, now more than ever, my home is my sanctuary. 

It’s time to upgrade the sanctuary. Tore down the print shop (bedroom), even the closet. Fresh coat of paint + new floors. Those floors got my OCD level orange going, but it’s done. And. It looks awesome. Now, to move all the furniture, type cabinets, and supplies. Spring break is looking good in the sanctuary. 

#CovidCribs #QuarantineLife 

spring break

Spring Break 2019

This year feels different. Not sure why. Possible reasons include: 

  • missed LEAD3 this year 
  • finalized my application for an EdD program
  • sore muscles from the DIY project I started today

I really enjoyed LEAD3 symposium last year in San Francisco, and I was disappointed to miss this year's event in Universal City. Next year, I'm not sure if there will be any district funding to make it happen but I may just pay my own way. 

Now waiting to hear if I've been accepted into a doctorate degree program, and decided it was time to redesign the spare bedroom, make it into a real office. If I'm going to be working on an EdD for the next three years, I need a real workspace. 

Ripped out the carpet and padding today. New flooring tomorrow. Then, a trip to IKEA later this week.