Kinda missing this place. This was taken last year as I helped my dad prep and pack, as he and mom moved out of the place. 

I will admit that I do not miss cutting, splitting, and stacking all that oak. 

Thanksgiving break

Wrapping up a week off work. While I did not devote much time to completing my dissertation (like I had originally planned), it was nice to have time with family and friends.   

Brought the succulents inside due to overnight frost warnings. They now occupy the workbench that I once used for my letterpress machines. It's a fitting metaphor—nature reclaiming the machines. 

Now, to dive back into this dissertation before winter break and apathy sets in for good.   


UNR homecoming 2022 

Stayed at the Peppermill. Had a nice dinner at Oceano and a cocktail at Fireside Lounge on Friday evening. Saturday’s game was cold, left at the half after seeing the only UNR touchdown. San Diego State won 23-7 but it was a nice visit to Reno.