to-do lists

  • How do you manage your email account(s)? 
  • Do you check it regularly, or when you get an alert? 
  • Do you have your work email on your phone? If so, do you use a stand-alone app or do you mix your work and personal email accounts on one app? 
  • Do you feel like there’s an expectation that you’ll be checking your email outside of your regular office hours/work days? 

These are questions I’ve been asking other teachers lately. Perhaps I’ve been thinking a lot about email (and management) because I’m on every almost email list and group in our district. And, I often feel obligated to read them in real time. Even on weekends. 

To wean myself off the work email habit, I’ve started deactivating my work email account on the weekends. I’ve been doing this for several months now. It’s been surprisingly easy. At least, I haven’t missed anything important—nothing that couldn’t wait until Monday morning. 

And, no one has complained. I’m thinking that next school year, I’m going to set office hours on my work email account. Banker’s hour’s. I’ll still keep my analog lists, or course.