Started a new pocket notebook today. A few colleagues asked why I used an analog system. Maybe they thought it was odd that the "tech teacher" doesn't prefer Google or some fancy app to take notes. 

I've tried many of them, and they have their merits. But, there's just something satisfying about pen/pencil and paper. It's more intentional, and it's far less distracting. 

A computer is a Lite-Brite® for bad ideas.    

Pixels just don't give me that same kind of feeling. For years, I have kept two pocket notebooks going: one for home and one for work.  

Each notebook serves a specific purpose. The home notebook serves as a personal journal. I record a few lines a day. Some people call that a diary. Some call it a memorandum. I tend to think of it as a source for reflection. It helps me distill my thoughts, and assists me in tracking events.  

The work notebook contains a linear series of notes, lists, to-do items, and reminders. It follows me most places, and keeps my current. 

It never needs recharging. It never needs a software update. And, it's relatively inexpensive. That's my simple process.