This is my life now. All the writing rules and references I need for the next three years are contained in this lovely spiral-bound reference manual. It cost $33 on Amazon, and I am certain it will be worth the price. 

The university EdD program does provide an electronic version of the APA Manual, 6th edition...but I have struggled with referencing it as an eBook. And, failing to cite sources in APA Style has cost me a few points. So, I am going analog. 

At a recent CapCUE Board meeting, I saw a scholarly publication from 1917 displayed on the wall. It made my inner letterpress nerd happy to see the gorgeous borders, hand-set type, and careful saddle-stitch binding. Interestingly, the spiral-bound APA Manual states that it is "typeset" in Sabon, Futura, and Univers. It struck me how much has changed in 100 years, and how much has stayed the same.