Saw this on Mastodon today and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

Maybe because I’m GenX? Maybe because this all started with Reagan’s “trickle down” economics and other fiscal policies? 


This is where I will spend countless hours over the next few months...working through a mix of digital and analog resources, to cobble a dissertation worthy of acceptance. 

As I get closer to completion, I realize that the reward is no simply the doctoral degree, but the knowledge gained along the way. While that sentiment about knowledge gained may sound like a cheesy inspirational poster, it does resonate with me.  

It has taken a lot of work to get to this point. And, it will require much more work to see it through. 

"Get to work."


Continuing on my thoughts regarding efficiencies and organizational development...

Is this really the way education works? 

Who is doing the work? Who decides how the work is to be done?

I’d like to think education is much more efficient than this. Yet, my experience and the shared experiences of other educators tells me we have a long way to go before any meaningful change is achieved. 

Professional development, in-service, assessments, testing, social-emotional learning...

All these things hold value. Only, the seem to come from the top down. Meetings and trainings should be focused on craft and culture. All the mechanics can be shared in a slide deck or posted on the staff intranet.