2023 reflections

At times 2023 felt gentle and kind, and at other times felt unbearable. This past year has taught me more than the decade before it and impacted my life in ways I could have never imagined. A year of love, loss, and light...and posting about it daily here on this little blog. I honestly can't recall what moved me to post daily during 2023, but I am glad I did. 

I won't be repeating that personal challenge any time soon, but I am glad that I did. Those daily posts allowed me some time to reflect, like writing in a journal. My completion rate with handwritten journals has not been so successful. Yet, posting through the computer seemed to be a bit easier than slogging through a handwritten note. I suppose that the "always on" lifestyle, with phone in hand and computer permanently connected, affords some benefits. It also creates some hazards, but that is another series of reflections or blog posts. 

I am grateful for all that was during 2023, and I am hopeful for that which may soon be.