Thanksgiving break

Wrapping up a week off work. While I did not devote much time to completing my dissertation (like I had originally planned), it was nice to have time with family and friends.   

Brought the succulents inside due to overnight frost warnings. They now occupy the workbench that I once used for my letterpress machines. It's a fitting metaphor—nature reclaiming the machines. 

Now, to dive back into this dissertation before winter break and apathy sets in for good.   


Traditionally, this is a time of year for giving thanks. And, while I am thankful for many things, I have been giving that word "tradition" a lot of thought lately. Gratitude is a constant in my life but as I get older I am beginning to understand that some traditions carry forward and other traditions come to an abrupt end. And, I’m not sure how I feel about that.  

One tradition that is coming to an end, after a 30-year run is the tradition of meeting for Thanksgiving and Christmas at my parents home. They have decided to sell their home and move to a condominium. I’m going to miss that 6-acre property and all the memories made there, during holidays and regular days. I already miss the animals: the dogs, cats, llamas, goats, chickens, and miniature donkeys. 

It’s an odd thing to watch traditions be slowly disassembled. My parents are in the process of downsizing, donating and selling things. In some ways, it is odd to see them part with so many things they've gathered over their 50+ years of marriage, and as individuals over 80+ years of life. When I visit, I take as many pictures as I can...knowing that those images may be the last things left after the traditions are gone.