Transformative Learning Theory [TLT]

Mezirow's 10 Phases Transformative Learning. 

Just getting started on this book. I've got some notes (pictured above), and I've been reviewing connections to the past class on the ethics of a scholar-researcher. Tying to make connections to previous texts, and to my own life. Looking for that "disorienting idea" that is necessary to start this 10 phase process.  

One of the texts suggested writing as an impetus of change. Perhaps I should continue to write more autobiographically. 

This intersubjectivity, or the internal conversation with our different self-positions, which is made possible by writing creates a fluid space in which thoughts change and hence a fertile ground for transformation. 

K.G. Willink and J.M. Jacobs

key words/phrases from other texts:

  • personal transformation 
  • transformative pedagogy
  • experiential learning 
  • self as relational
  • care and intersubjectivity
  • relational, dialogic pedagogy

summer reading, part II

Summer Semester, Part II  

Transformational Learning

Scholarly Writing - Style

June 24-August 10 

A complete list (with articles and video links) can be accessed here or in the site menu under READING

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mindset matters 

The required studies for one of my current courses, Transformational Learning, covers a wide range of situations. Most of the literature speaks to education, but some speaks to other situational relationships. All of them touch on mindset, however. 

Some of the authors and speakers (in the videos) do not use the term "mindset" specifically. Some of the other terms used are more clinical and some are more colloquial. But, all of them speak to mindset in some form or another: 
  • ethos
  • conscious decision(s) 
  • mentality
  • psyche 
  • behaviorism
  • mental make-up
  • mental processes
  • personality study
  • psyche
  • science of the mind
  • way of thinking

How do you go about knowing something? 

What do you think knowledge is?

What does your inner voice say?

summer session

Summer Semester, part II

Here we go, headfirst into another 8 weeks of doctoral classes. By “we” I mean my cohort that has dwindled to 24 from 30 at the beginning of the Summer Semester in April.   

Technically, the next session starts June 24th. But, the sandbox version of the Transformational Learning course was released today. Still waiting on the Scholarly Writing-Identity course syllabus. 

In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of reading to accomplish.