Educated by Design

It took me a little over a week to read Educated by Design, and I am already revisiting it. 

I picked up a copy at Spring CUE in March, and couldn't wait to read through it. To be honest, I would have read the entire book the first night if it weren't for my other obligations like attending breakout sessions, presenting, and assisting my CapCUE colleagues. 

It is such a great book, especially for those teachers and students who say they are not creative. It's filled with inspiration and practical applications. 

5 of our 5 stars




What happened to the real old stuff you used to post in the different fronts? Miss those :)
Thank you for your question, Kimberly. tl;dr (as the kids say) I hid the font posts for several reasons: 1) the typography app that I used to create the posts was deprecated on iOS, 2) I got a little tired of seeing those posts distributed across the internet without attribution, and 3) I entered a PhD program and just did not have the time to keep up the posts. Upside: I plan to complete my doctoral studies by the summer of 2024, and I fully intend to bring back the typography/font posts along with some of my letterpress printing. Cheers!

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