The new year–the new decade–begins today. And, in my usual fashion, I feel somewhat ill-prepared. At least, I don't spend to much time reflecting on the past year...I don't see change as an annual review process. Reflection, change, and habits are an ongoing cycle in my opinion.

While all the articles and commercials are full of good-intent, it only heightens my level of anxiety. Meaning, when I read an article on "20 Ways to Be a Happier Person in 2020" I begin to question my own happiness. I wonder if perhaps I should be more intentional, more focused. Could I be happier on Day 1 of 366?

If I follow one or more of these 20 ways, will that lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling life in 2020? Perhaps. But, the thought of all this only serves to make feel anxious about my own process. Maybe it's a lack of confidence. Maybe it's imposter syndrome. I'm certain there are articles on how to overcome these feelings, too. Social media is flooded with “one word” declarations, resolutions, and intentions this time of year...yet, I only want clarity.