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In this evening’s weather report: pea-sized hail. At least this morning’s sunrise made the commute pretty. Perhaps some day the sun will return. 

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More rain today. Started around 7am, and 1.5 inches fell locally in less than 24 hours. Had to drain a few inches out of the pool. Upside: the freesia bloomed. 

tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1958546 2023-03-28T04:54:26Z 2023-03-28T04:54:27Z 86/365 I spent $36 on this small tube of aftershave. And, I gotta admit that it was worth it. I’ve never splurged on skin care products, but I’m beginning to see what all the hype is about. Kinda want to try the other two scents now. Maybe on payday. 
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1958089 2023-03-27T05:21:16Z 2023-03-27T05:21:17Z 85/365 Harvested the last of the citrus today. And, trimmed the orange tree quite a bit. Felt good to get a little sun on my face and clean up the backyard a bit. Too bad the local meteorologists are taking about a frost warning tonight, high winds tomorrow evening, and another 1-2 inches of rain Tuesday. 
But, looks at the pattern and color of this blood orange! 
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1957612 2023-03-25T23:46:29Z 2023-03-25T23:46:30Z 84/365 The sunshine finally appeared today, along with the wind this afternoon. While it’s still colder than normal, it was nice to sit on the patio and enjoy some sunshine. Lulu agrees. 
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Had dinner with the folks at the “old geezer lockup” as my Dad calls it. We are in the bar and left before the acoustic guitar player began. After dinner, we opened a bottle of Angelica. It was a nice way to spend a Friday evening. 

tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1956848 2023-03-23T23:40:11Z 2023-03-23T23:40:12Z 82/365 Things that make me chuckle: this primitive drawing seen on a middle school campus 
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Website design can be a challenge. Take the Mosquito Bridge website, for example. El Dorado County has a nice header image on the landing page. Yet, to locate and read the updates, a user is required to scroll past bullet points and prior entries dating back to June 2022 in order to find an obscure link buried near the middle of the page. Worse, when they email alerts drop it includes a link to the landing page. 

At least the county is including images along the way. At least there's that. I am excited to see it come to completion, especially since it means that I will, one day in 2025, no longer be required to cross that rickety bridge in order to get to the property. The old bridge was "originally built in1867 and reconstructed on the existing foundations in 1939."   

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Isn't that the truth? I've been thinking about this notion for a while now. As part of my dissertation research, I have given a lot of consideration to the idea of expediency and efficiency that results from technology. And, I have given a lot of thought to the "exponential time" that Klein mentions. Has technology created more time for us, or has it become a necessity? This image sums it up nicely.  

tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1955869 2023-03-21T04:56:32Z 2023-03-21T04:56:33Z 79/365 The view from the dash of the Lexus on my morning commute. On the left is what used to be known as Dyke 8. 
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1955321 2023-03-19T22:35:32Z 2023-03-19T22:40:46Z 78/365 Another rainy day. The rain began around 4am this morning, and continued through most of the day. I went to Raley’s at 6am to grab a few things, including two packages of beef jerky. 
Connor asked why the beef jerky for breakfast. I replied that it wasn’t for breakfast. It was an emergency snack if he got stuck on Highway 50 during his snowboarding trip to Sierra at Tahoe. He left to pick up his buddy at 7:30am, and returned home around 3pm. 
Thankfully, the beef jerky wasn’t needed. But, my new jade GoreTex jacket came in clutch because Connor left his jacket in Reno. 
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“Can you explain this gap in your resume?”

“Yes. Life is about more than constant, meaningless toil for 40-50 years resulting in a desolate twilight of failed ambitions. The social contract is broken, and the system is a lie. You and I are both trapped in the same Sisyphean hell where no amount of working harder or longer will ever truly grant the rewards we were promised. The real question is, why are there no gaps in your resume?”

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St. Patrick’s Day 

The boy came home for his Spring Break (next week), and talked about meeting with his advisor. Heard to believe he is enrolling for junior year of college. 

I didn’t celebrate with the traditional corned beef and cabbage. I did have a Guinness, though. Here’s a throwback recipe. Feel free to try it out. 

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I find myself thinking back to the early days of Covid. There were weeks when it was clear that lockdowns were coming, that the world was tilting into crisis, and yet normalcy reigned, and you sounded like a loon telling your family to stock up on toilet paper. There was the difficulty of living in exponential time, the impossible task of speeding policy and social change to match the rate of viral replication. I suspect that some of the political and social damage we still carry from the pandemic reflects that impossible acceleration. There is a natural pace to human deliberation. A lot breaks when we are denied the luxury of time.   

But that is the kind of moment I believe we are in now. We do not have the luxury of moving this slowly in response, at least not if the technology is going to move this fast.    

—Ezra Klein, This Changes Everything 

“exponential time” 

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This post resonates with me. 

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Made a Trader Joe’s favorite. Also finished watching the Murdaugh Murders on Netflix. 

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The mint is thriving with this wet weather. Besides the lavender, this potted Mentha spicata seems to be the only plant that tolerates the lack of sunshine and excessive rainfall. Also, can’t wait to spruce up the backyard and make it pretty again. 

tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1952491 2023-03-13T03:28:09Z 2023-03-13T03:28:09Z 71/365 This winter’s weather has truly been unreal. Tonight, ahead of the next atmospheric river scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon, there was a series of thunder and lightning. No hot tub tonight!  ]]> tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1952082 2023-03-12T06:30:24Z 2023-03-14T01:08:15Z 70/365
Home is where people notice when you’re not there.
– Alexander Haymen]]>
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1951549 2023-03-11T04:22:32Z 2023-03-11T04:22:32Z 69/365 This plum tree in my front yard is triggering my allergies. And, by this summer, it will drop endless amounts of sticky, ripe plums onto the driveway. But, tonight it looks really pretty. 
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1951090 2023-03-10T03:17:53Z 2023-03-10T03:17:54Z 68/365 The fifth (sixth?) atmospheric river of the season arrived this afternoon. I am so done with the rainy, windy weather. 
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1950659 2023-03-09T01:23:31Z 2023-03-09T01:23:31Z 67/365 Things I like: this centerpiece on the dining room table, especially when the afternoon sun streams in the windows. 
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1950347 2023-03-08T05:58:31Z 2023-03-08T05:58:31Z 66/365 Another storm coming Thursday night into Friday. Another atmospheric river. At least the endless storms make for beautiful skies. 
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If my mind could gain a firm footing, I would not make essays, I would make decisions; but it is always in apprenticeship and on trial. 


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Went to Roseville Galleria today. Ordered some new glasses at Warby Parker. Shopped for a bit. Ate at the food court. But, I’m most excited about this new rain coat from REI…because the forecast calls for rain all week. 

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Thinking of warmer climates. These two pics were from a trip to Baja in 1990. San Felipe and Punta Estrella. I haven’t visited since 2002, but I sure would like to go back. 

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I feel like I’m neglecting my plants. This lavender on the side of the house really needs to be trimmed back, but I just haven’t had the time. Or, maybe I haven’t made the time. Of course, it’s rained the last three weekends so I didn’t feel like doing yard work and landscape maintenance in the rain and mud. And, the time change “spring forward” is next weekend. 

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stock and flow 

…I think most of all about the concept of stock and flow.

Do you know about this? It couldn’t be simpler. There are two kinds of quantities in the world. Stock is a static value: money in the bank or trees in the forest. Flow is a rate of change: fifteen dollars an hour or three thousand toothpicks a day. Easy. Too easy.

But I actually think stock and flow is a useful metaphor for media in the 21st century. Here’s what I mean:

  • Flow is the feed. It’s the posts and the tweets. It’s the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that reminds people you exist.
  • Stock is the durable stuff. It’s the content you produce that’s as interesting in two months (or two years) as it is today. It’s what people discover via search. It’s what spreads slowly but surely, building fans over time.

Flow is ascendant these days, for obvious reasons—but I think we neglect stock at our peril. I mean that both in terms of the health of an audience and, like, the health of a soul. Flow is a treadmill, and you can’t spend all of your time running on the treadmill. Well, you can. But then one day you’ll get off and look around and go: oh man. I’ve got nothing here.

—via Snarkmarket 

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First sunny day here in week. Too bad it’s been accompanied by strong winds and a freeze warning. 

The freesia in the backyard is budding. At least there are some signs of Spring. 

Some of the succulents in the backyard suffered some major frost damage this past month. Sadly, I don’t have enough room for all of them. The workbench in the printshop is already crowded with succulent planters. 
tag:blog.qsprn.com,2013:Post/1947122 2023-03-01T03:18:13Z 2023-03-01T03:18:14Z 59/365 More rain today. It began as I drove to work, and it really picked up around 10am. And, it’s cold. I-80 has been shut down most of the day, and even UNR closed campus again today. This weather is exhausting.